Hi there! I’m Jason and I currently live in Portsmouth, UK.

I have recently joined the ranks of the Google Certified Associate Android Developer community by studying for and successfully passing Google’s newly devised AAD Google certification exam in collaboration with online learning provider Udacity.

This new certification covers the core Android components of Activities, Services, Content Providers and Broadcast receivers as well as the implementation of home screen widgets, support library features such as Recyclerview and the new Constraint Layout. UI testing and debugging practices were also covered.

I now primarily focus on native Android development with some occasional web development thrown in when working with web services or hybrid apps.

I currently have 2 published apps in the Google Play Store, with more to follow shortly.

I am now looking to incorporate the new Kotlin language into my future development workflow.


  • 1988 – Started tinkering with Basic, Z80, and 6502
  • 1990 – Started development on the Commodore Amiga with C/C++ and 68000 assembler
  • 2000 – Started working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Unix, Linux
  • 2003 – Started learning PHP 4 and built a small CMS
  • 2004 – Started learning the Java language
  • 2005 – Acquired skills with Ubuntu Linux server and LAMP
  • 2008 – Started building websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and Photoshop as well as designing artwork for print
  • 2010 – Started building WordPress websites with custom templates
  • 2011 – Started focusing on SEO and social media integration
  • 2014 – Started learning Python and Android development
  • 2017 – Started learning Kotlin for Android


  • 2+ years equivalent experience in Android development
  • Good working knowledge of
    • Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Java & Android SDK
    • Functional knowledge of the new Kotlin language
    • Wear development including digital watch faces
    • API usage: AdMob, Google maps, Picasso, Glide, Retrofit, Gson, Butterknife, etc
    • Publishing Android apps to the Google Play store
    • UI Testing with Google Espresso Framework
    • MySQL & SQLite relational databases
    • Parsing web data & data scraping
    • Git, GitHub & BitBucket
    • Ubuntu LAMP server administration
    • Bash scripting, Cron jobs & task automation
  • Additional skills
    • PC building, performance tuning & upgrades
    • ICT technical support
  • Web design & development expertise
    • HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, XML, JSON
    • Responsive design for desktop, tablet, & mobile
    • WordPress template design with Photoshop & Gimp
    • Graphic design for print with Photoshop
    • Graphic & photo manipulation
    • Web design & best practices
    • Social media channel promotion
    • Logo design & branding
    • Video production & promotion
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Google Analytics & Webmaster tools
  • Exposure to other programming languages
    • Python, PHP, C/C++ and C#

For examples of projects, past and present, please take a look at my Portfolio page.

Courses completed


  • Associate Android Developer fast-track certification


  • The complete Android developer course
  • Git & Github boot camp – Learn step by step


  • Programming mobile applications for Android handheld systems
  • Creative programming for digital media and mobile apps


  • Creative, serious & playful science of Android apps
  • An introduction to interactive programming in Python
  • Programming for everybody (Python)
  • Using databases with Python (SQLite)
  • Using Python to access web data
  • Python data structures


  • Begin programming: Build your first mobile game
  • Creative coding – Exploring digital art (Java & Processing)

Hobbies and interests

For recreation I currently enjoy both retro and contemporary gaming, attending gaming related events such as Play Expo, reading, distance walking, tinkering with Raspberry Pi related projects, 80s music, and modern cinema. I am currently working on some indie game projects and building my own reusable 2D game engine using the popular open source LibGDX library. I am also a regular attendee of the PHP Hampshire user group which is held once a month in Portsmouth.